Whether you want an entirely hands-free experience or simply trade work within a larger project, we are flexible in our delivery methodologies, and tailor our services to help improve project quality, minimize costs and accelerate completion. With the diverse experience of a large firm but, providing the personalized and responsive service of a small company, we aim to deliver beyond expectations.

From small to mid-sized and simple to technically challenging; as well as projects either within vacant or active work environments – we are here to work with you in a variety of different ways including: Design-Build, Construction & Project Management, General Contracting, and specialized services.

Industrial Pre-Construction

A successful project starts with a good design and front-end planning with the right team. In conjunction with our Engineering partners dedicated to the construction industry, we work with clients through all stages of the industrial pre-construction process – from feasibility to obtaining city/municipal and environmental permits. We work to ensure the project is completed exactly as discussed in the early stages.

  • Location selection and, pre-lease or pre-purchase relocation budgeting
  • Preliminary design and feasibility
  • Budget development
  • Building and Plant design
  • Work Flow, Process, & Spatial Design

Industrial Construction

Whether your project is an expansion, relocation, renovation, or plant upgrade, we realize that keeping your day-to-day business operations running is imperative. Kontec’s extensive experience in active industrial operational settings and knowledge of various industries allows us to deliver a seamless experience and make sure our clients are ‘up and running’ quickly.

Electrical – Mechanical

Whether it is troubleshooting a problem with your current electrical and mechanical systems, implementing changes, or expanding operations, Kontec’s experienced team of design professionals and field personnel can help achieve your goals. Our licensed and certified trades and sub-contractors can handle projects of all sizes and complexity with an unchanging commitment to a quality project timeline, and budget.

Environmental / Pollution Control

Kontec has completed many industrial projects to implement air pollution control, environmental solutions, and alternative energy systems to conserve resources, reduce emissions, and meet environmental requirements

Machinery and Equipment installation

We have a highly skilled team with experience in many sectors and working conditions to make sure your installation is a success. Kontec works in conjunction with your equipment supplier from front-end planning until after commissioning, to ensure production downtime is minimized throughout the project.

Specialty Industrial Projects

Unique needs require specialized and customized solutions, no two industrial projects are alike. That’s why our team works with each client to create innovative and collaborative solutions for the project challenges.

Relocations / Expansions

Weighing out the options of whether to expand your existing industrial facility or relocate, is a complex and time-consuming undertaking. With your team, we can assist and be part of finding the right solution.

Facility Maintenance

In addition to completing high-quality industrial construction projects, Kontec is here long after the project has ended, to provide peace of mind and assist clients with facility maintenance needs, including issues unrelated to our past involvement. Our skilled personnel can assist independently or work in conjunction with clients to solve industrial maintenance needs. Our proactive approach allows us to reduce future issues, optimize planning, and when possible, improve operational efficiencies.